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☆Customer service

Our value is  reflected in the value of customer;The value of customer show the charm of Lipu machinery brand;In advance and extension of the charm of the brand need to service.

Pre-sale services

Introduce the company's health,the company product characteristice;Answer customer questions; According to various conditions,design for the customer want to products.

In-sale service

Timely communication with customers and keep in touch,handle the scene of the various problems;Tracking prodction, understand the customer's production schedule,and timely communicate with the customer delivery date; Provide all kings of technical services,basis and correct the work site.

After-sale service

In accordance with the contract,finish equipment installation and debugging,and organize all kings of training; Service for every customer to establish archives;Establish a perfect parts supply channel,ensure the supply of spare parts;And patience to handle product quality complaints; Not visit customers regularly,to ask the customer opinion.


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