Machinery and equipment to be equipped for artificial marble machinery
Jun 25, 2018

Artificial marble mechanical testing of stone machinery and equipment, but need to further build, marble into the mesa, you need a variety of mechanical equipment, such as 1. Sheet cutting machine. 2. Hand-held cutting machine. 3. Gongs machine. 4. Hand drill. 5. Abrasive belt machine. 6. Big mill, polishing machine. Man-made marble by the artificial marble machinery modified resin and gravel composition, is neutral or alkaline. Artificial stone structure is compact, so the pores are small, the probability of the occurrence of the disease is very small, in terms of protection, mainly anti-fouling. Its advantages are adjustable color, conducive to decorative finishes. Therefore, only man-made marble machinery can not be processed out of very exquisite products, equipped with mechanical equipment are very important, you can buy machinery, listen to the suggestions of manufacturers, the same brand on the same. or later slowly pick up their own needs of mechanical equipment on-line. Either way, be sure to understand the man-made marble machinery you purchased and what kind of equipment to match, efficiency is the most important.

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