The resource advantage of the development of artificial marble equipment
Jun 25, 2018

Now the market demand for artificial marble is still very large, which also stimulates the development of man-made marble equipment, of course, this also stems from China's very rich resource advantages for man-made marble equipment and artificial marble development of the foundation bedding.

China is rich in marble resources, many varieties, total reserves of 50 billion m3, China's marble reserves and varieties of the world's largest number of the forefront. The exploitation of natural marble will seriously waste resources, in the process of mining will lead to more than 70% of waste stone, also caused serious environmental problems. Most marble mines use simple equipment manual operation mining production cost is low, the investment is little, but the marble block size is small, the shape is not easy to be structured, the mining recovery rate is low, the resource waste is more serious. and stone processing plant in the plate processing will produce more than 30% of the waste, therefore, the main raw materials of man-made marble natural stone scraps can be said to be inexhaustible, which makes the development of artificial marble industry has the resources to protect, for the development of artificial marble equipment to create a good development environment.

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