Tips for distinguishing high quality man-made marble
Jun 25, 2018

With the development of decoration industry, the artificial marble industry has also obtained a good development market. With the continuous strengthening of environmental protection concept of consumers, the market for man-made marble environmental protection function and quality requirements are increasingly high.

Artificial marble is generally full of elegant nature, elegant, noble breath, coupled with its rugged, long-lasting long new, and the surface after special protection treatment, than the wooden table, glass high-temperature, acid and alkali, oil does not invade, become the most easy to clean and maintain one of the furniture, and modern life concept is very consistent. But there are some black-hearted businesses to produce inferior artificial marble, used for this material decoration, may appear fatigue, dizziness and nausea. Therefore, we must choose high-quality and healthy artificial marble to decorate.

The following small series for you to introduce a few to buy high-quality artificial marble skills.

1. To see the artificial marble sample color pure Not cloudy, the appearance of no similar plastic glue texture, plate back without thin small hole;

2. Use the nose to smell the man-made marble samples, see if there is no pungent chemical breath;

3. Touch the sample by hand with a sense of silk, no sense of astringent, no obvious upper and lower sense of inequality;

4. The appearance of artificial marble plate with nails, no obvious scratches;

5. The same two pieces of sample percussion, not easy to break; 6. Check the product has no ISO quality system certification, quality inspection report, there is no quality assurance card and related security signs.

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