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A Detailed Analysis Of Two Misunderstandings In The Application Of Lubricant In Artificial Stone Production Line
Jun 25, 2018

Lubricating oil is almost always used by all mechanical devices. The use of a very broad, played a great role, but most people in the use of lubricants there is a big misunderstanding, in order to let everyone better play the role of lubrication, artificial stone production line for example, small series to analyze the use of lubricants in the two major misunderstandings. Misunderstanding one, lubrication once on a permanent lubrication. Lubrication shall be carried out periodically according to the different types and quantities of lubricating oil required for different parts of the equipment. Misunderstanding two, the more the more lubrication way.

In the actual operation of the equipment, if the lubricant used more, but played a certain side effects, should be based on the instructions and the daily observation of the oil standard, mirror, etc. to add grease. Through the above two misunderstandings, the artificial stone production line in the production process, is not the more lubricating oil the better, but should be based on the actual situation lubrication.

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