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Artificial Marble Equipment Factory Brief Talk About Quartz Stone Cleaning Tips
Jun 25, 2018

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, people in the decoration more and more the pursuit of luxury high-end decoration, decoration also slowly added to the stone effect. Widely used in various occasions floor, wall, decoration, increase the beauty, lasting beauty. A long time will become dirty or pathological changes, affect the appearance. It is important that all keep clean.

Next let us and man-made marble equipment manufacturers to see the quartz stone cleaning tips! Regular cleaning is the main.

Clean with a wet mop, when necessary, with stone soap, polishing on a regular basis, when an overflow occurs, clean immediately, try not to use vinegar, chemical detergent, so as not to cause two scratches. Through the above we can know, quartz stone to keep light bright clean, the need for regular maintenance and cleaning, if conditions can choose stone Protective Agent, or please professional personnel for polishing treatment.

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