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What Is The Future Development Of Quartz Stone?
Jun 25, 2018

Quartz stone equipment production of quartz stone in our life has become a new type of table decoration materials, in our decorative consumption played an important role in the future of quartz stone in the development prospects are what?

Let's just take a quick look at the following: Artificial quartz stone in the international has become a new table material, in Europe and America more and more quartz stone products into consumer households. In particular, 2006 at the International Cabinet exhibition in Milan, the world's brand-name cabinets introduced new products, we can obviously feel this trend, most of the Cabinet brand with quartz stone instead of natural stone and traditional man-made stone as a display. In the Chinese market has appeared Saili, Hei Shi Long, Sainos and other import brands and Beveron, such as the domestic brand. In the market channels, the brands have taken their own channels and wholesale, Beverons pioneered the introduction of franchise marketing concept, and the vast number of distributors to share the vast market of quartz stone. This marketing concept makes Beveron quartz stone in the domestic leading position, 2007 Beveron Quartz stone Sales estimated at 80 million yuan. And the whole quartz stone market size in 300 million yuan scale, accounting for less than 1/75 of the international market, compared with the international market, China's quartz stone trend has just begun.

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